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Film & TV industry rental services

film_shark200Mark Weitz and MTF Aquarium Design and Engineering have worked extensively with the film, TV and commercial production industries in Los Angeles. Mark knows how to meet the complicated needs of any production.

No job is too tough: MTF wrangled large vats of freshwater eels for “Fear Factor” and flew a full-sized shark cross country for a Verizon commercial shoot.

Need to blow up a giant aquarium? No sweat! MTF can special order a tempered glass aquarium built especially for breakaway on-stage special effects.

Here are some of the TV and film rental services provided by MTF Aquarium Design and Engineering.

  • Turn-key aquarium set-ups: Supplied with all equipment, including canopy tops and moveable wheel-mounted cabinet stands (optional). Delivery and strike service included.
  • Fast turnaround. Many shapes and sizes of aquariums readily available and direct from our inventory.
  • Fresh & saltwater fish: We provide healthy, acclimated fish from our own existing inventories. From goldfish to exotic saltwater species to black-tipped reef sharks.
  • On-set coordination: We work with some of the top art directors, prop masters and set designers in the entertainment business. Specialty lighting systems are guaranteed to look great on camera. Ultra-quiet filtration systems will satisfy the most finicky soundmen. Our hand-selected aquascaping method can be customized to enhance your set dressing and overall production design.
  • Fish wrangling: No animals are ever injured! We have a good rapport with the Humane Society, having earned their approval on many successful projects.

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